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Carpet and Fabric Protection
Carpet Protection (Bridgepoint Maxim) and Fabric Protection (Guardsman)
We use Maxim™ Advanced a totally new formula that represents the cutting edge of carpet protectors today. It uses state-of-the-art, environmentally safe fluorochemical technology to protect against damaging dry soils as well as both water-based and oil-based spills. By applying protector, you will increase the life of your carpet dramatically. When you vacuum your protected carpet the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively and make the spots easier to remove.
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Indoor Allergy report CNN360 w, Anderson cooper AllStates NJ AllStates Services NJ Allergy cleaning Specialists carpet upholstery air duct mold testing and removal Dust mites, cockroaches, molds, pets and plants are sources of comm...
Feel the relief by reducing levels of dust mite
and pet allergens in your home. There is now a
revolutionary new anti-allergen cleaning and
treatment program called the Responsible
Care® System that allows us to safely, easily
and affordably reduce the levels of these
serious allergens by 90% or more! The most
important objective of Environmental Control
is to minimize or avoid exposure to allergens
from dust mites and pets, the most potent
allergens found in indoor air. The Responsible
Care System is a powerful new way to achieve
this objective.                                                   
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Cleaning dust mites from a mattress
Cleaning dust mites from a mattress
We can clean your mattress using the
Responsible Care® System and the
Nano-UV Wand.  Your mattress will
be vacuumed with a Pro Force 1500XP
Vacuum. It has a high efficiency
exhaust filter and organically treated
intercept micro filter which captures up
to 99.77% of dust mites,pollen,viruses,
and bacteria. 1 micron and larger.
We have equipment that allows us to wash your garage floor and simultaneously vacuum away all of the dirty water out in one motion, saving you the hassle of clearing out the entire garage so it can be cleaned.  We can clean the open area of the garage.  This service will help keep the dirt from being brought into the rest of your home and will keep your carpets cleaner longer.
Many homeowners don't reseal until their granite starts to show stains. This is a mistake that can cause permanent damage. Instead of waiting to reseal your granite surface until you see spots of water or oil damage, seal your granite regularly to prevent these stains from ever occurring. To keep your granite effectively protected, you will need to apply granite sealer at least once a year. If your granite is very porous and sees daily use, as many granite surfaces like kitchen counters do, you may need to reseal every six months. We can perform a simple test to see if it is time to reseal your granite.
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